First Prototype of the Venomous Sea Serpent

Boom! There it is. The first prototype . Its at 5′ long and 40″ wide. I am thinking it might need more width? This will be an awesome Aircraft Carrier play set to our collection my friends. Thoughts?



Potential Back Story

When the government can’t help they call ___. They are highly trained vigilantes stationed in the sea. Sponsored by several wealthy companies around the world in order to deter crime. With high tech war machines they fight by air, sea and land for justice!!!


Story board with Captain

We have a Villain Aircraft Carrier. We have a figure concept. What is the story line (must not relate to G.I. Joe or Hasbro)?
Cardboard concept coming next week. Thank you for all your feedback and support.

Figure Credits: Solomon Witt, Will Joines and Al-Dana Aldana


Conceptual Design for the Cobra Aircraft Carrier

Initial design’s and concepts.  Question to ponder, name of the carrier, captain name and look, will it float, will it fly and what is an optimal size?

Last week I shared with you my vision of a Cobra Aircraft Carrier. Looks like there is enough interest. Obviously it would not be a Hasbro product so I have to refrain from using their name and logos at all cost. But this will be a concept I will prototype with intent of producing. It will be a toy so don’t take it too serious. Just want it to be something you and I can play with and that we can afford to have at home.

Must haves:
Besides looking Cool/Attractive we must make it float, easy to handle yet Cost Effective

Need the communities help with:
Do you like the name of the aircraft carrier?
Captain name/look?
Do we want the boat to float?
Do we want the boat to fly in the air and land in the water?
What size? Currently I am at 5’ Long yet the FLAGG is at 7 ½” long. Most people don’t have the space.